Lease Application

Red Royal Investments, LLC
The undersigned (Applicant) hereby makes application for a rental agreement of the dwelling located at specified address in first line of application. The estimated monthly payments will be set upon approval of application. In addition, Applicant authorizes Landlord to obtain a credit report on Applicant and to verify any of the information contained herein through any source including but not limited to prior and current landlords, vendors, and employers.
  • (Please provide name, relationship, address, & phone number)
  • The above information is true and correct. You are hereby authorized to verify all information herein contained, by means of a credit report, criminal background check and by contact with names listed herein. Applicant agrees that Landlord shall have the sole right to determine the suitability of any Applicant, and to reject an applicant for any reason not prohibited by law. In order to attempt to qualify for a home loan, any lender or mortgage company is authorized to obtain a credit report on me. Note: If multiple persons are applying, please submit and have 2nd applicant submit separate lease application.
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